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All in One - Tooth Tabs

All in One - Tooth Tabs

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Powered with highly effective herbs like Triphala, Trikatu, Neem, Miswak, Babool and many more.

  • Deep cleans teeth and stops gum bleeding.
  • Tackles bad breath and light sensitivity.
  • Soothing minty taste with no burning sensation.
  • SLS free, fluoride free, Ayurvedic formula.

One tin box contains 180 tabs.

Why it's special?

  • Ends your search of sls free toothpaste and fluoride free toothpaste.
  • Superior to herbal toothpaste with actual herbs.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews

Just one word awesome,even my overall health has an impact✌🏻

I'm impressed with Toothfully.

The absence of chemicals in this product is a major plus, as it aligns with my preference for natural and eco-friendly options. Really happy with the sustainable packaging. However, I believe that with some minor adjustments in terms of usability, this product has the potential to become a game-changer in the future.

Sachin Bansode
Super happy and super lucky to have this product with me!

Such a beautiful composition and that refreshing, lovely aftertaste post brushing.
Such a beautiful packaging I literally liked that soft cotton swab lid which covers the tabs. It's such a smart , aesthete and beautiful way to holistic living, beautiful oral advocacy and intelligent option of a composite teeth treatment.

All the blessings to you...keep up the good work.

Keerthanaa K
Refreshing and new

I've tried a lot of tooth powders before. But it was hard to switch from toothpaste to tooth powders. And toothfully yours tooth tabs make it so much easier. It's tooth tabs, but feel just like toothpaste, leaving a refreshing scent. And I'm happy knowing that there are no chemicals in my daily oral care!

It's helping my sensitivity issue too

I love the flavour of the tooth tabs. It's suitable for my sensitivity as well. A transparent list of ingredients means it feels so safe to use it inside the mouth.

How to use?



How does it feels?

All in one tooth tabs make you feel garden fresh and maintain your palate's taste while making your teeth feel smooth and clean.

How it works?

After crushing the All in one tooth tab with your teeth, powdered ingredients mix with your saliva and wet toothbrush's water, which makes it ready to clean your teeth and strengthen your gums.

How is it better than toothpaste?

All in one tooth tabs contains zero water, which eliminates the need of any preservatives to maintain the shelf life of our product. Plus we do not use any toxic chemicals but only highly effective natural ingredients derived from Ayurveda.

Why us?

Ingredient matters

Total transparency

We understand how important the transparency of each ingredient is to you. That's why we declare all our ingredients and their quantities.

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