why tooth tabs are better than toothpaste

Why Tooth tabs?

So we can bring the goodness of all herbs in their purest form and avoid non-recyclable plastic tubes for packaging.

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  • goodness of ayurveda in toothfully yours toothpaste tablets
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Let's dive into your toxic toothpaste

Toxic ingredients in toothpaste

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We challenged ourselves to create better oral care products.

toothfully yours mission

We believe

No one should put dozens of toxic chemicals in their mouth twice everyday for oral care and feel guilty of tossing a plastic tube into the environment every month.

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"All in one Tooth Tabs"

• Only pure natural ingredients using rich knowledge of Ayurveda.

• Packed in Sustainable packaging without plastic.

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Introducing Toothfully yours - Tooth Tabs

Eco-friendly toothbrush and tongue cleaner