Why toothpaste has preservatives? Switch to Toothpaste tablets

Why toothpaste contains preservatives?

Toothpaste is made of almost 40% water, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria, yeasts, and moulds due to its water-based nature and exposure to the environment. Without proper preservation, these microorganisms can thrive, leading to potential health risks and product degradation. Preservatives help prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms, ensuring that the oral care product has a long shelf life, does not go bad irrespective of external weather conditions, and is visually appealing from the moment it's manufactured to the time it's used.

Preservatives can pose many adverse effects to humans and our environment if exposed on a daily basis for a long time. A few side effects are:

Sensitivity and Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may have sensitivities or allergies to certain preservatives. Prolonged and frequent exposure to preservatives, especially from oral care products, can lead to irritation, redness, itching, or other allergic reactions in the oral cavity, as the tissues present in our oral cavity are very delicate.

Accumulation in the Body: With repeated use of oral care products containing preservatives, there's a high possibility of these compounds accumulating in the body over time. While daily exposure on a per-usage basis may be low, daily exposure even in small quantities for a lifetime (we brush our teeth for life) is worth a concern. Everyone talks about how these ingredients are included in small quantities and are not harmful, but we miss the fact that oral care products like toothpaste are used regularly, and exposure to small quantities daily could result in many complications.

Environmental Impact: Some synthetic preservatives can have environmental consequences when they enter wastewater systems and potentially disrupt aquatic ecosystems.

Preservatives can easily be found in the ingredient list of an oral care product. Common preservatives in toothpaste are:

Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethanol, and Parabens, while once widely used, have faced scrutiny due to potential health and environmental concerns. Many oral care product brands are now opting for alternative preservatives, which could still be found in many personal care products.

As everyone these days practices checking the ingredients of snacks to see if they contain any preservatives, one needs to check their toothpaste as well to find out what kind of preservatives are present.

The best way to avoid all such chemicals like preservatives, SLS, paraben, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, and petroleum products from your oral care products like toothpaste is to switch to our toothpaste tablets, which are made of highly effective 15 Ayurvedic herbs like Triphala, Trikatu, Miswak, Babool, mango leaf, and Neem, to name a few. Our toothpaste tablets are highly effective in removing plaque from teeth, fighting bad breath, and soothing swollen and bleeding gums. Plus, it is very simple to use our toothpaste tablets; just pop them, crush them, and brush them as usual.

Allow us to help you eliminate preservatives and other toxic chemicals from your daily routine and start your day with clean ingredients.

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