Best toothpaste tablet in the market?

Which is the best toothpaste tablet in the market?

In recent years, there has been a rise in consumer awareness of environmental issues and the impact their choices could have. One such product that has been around for almost a century and could be found in everyone’s house is toothpaste. And there have been many debates about the environmental impact this small tube can cause. As people become aware of the non-recyclability of their toothpaste tubes, they are switching to more sustainable options.

Toothpaste tubes that are made of multi-layer plastic are never recycled because it is difficult to clean a toothpaste tube and get recyclable plastic from multi-layer plastic. As this process is tedious and expensive, tubes are dumped in landfills or our precious oceans.

Just by tossing one toothpaste tube every couple of months or so, we have been throwing approximately 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes worldwide each year. To solve this problem, there is a new alternative to toothpaste in town. Toothpaste tablets.

Toothpaste tablets are small, solid tablets that are crushable and ready to wash your mouth with their unique flavour and texture. Toothpaste tablets offer several benefits over conventional toothpaste tubes. As a sustainable oral care option, toothpaste tablets significantly reduce plastic waste and its negative environmental impact.
People are slowly realising the benefits of toothpaste tablets, be it the clean ingredients, effectiveness, ease of use, travel friendliness, or environmental friendliness.
But be cautious; not all toothpaste tablets are a safe alternative to chemical-infused toothpaste. They may have harmful chemicals in them. What needs to be checked is the ingredient list before buying one.
We are proud to bring all-in-one tooth tabs with all-natural ingredients backed by Ayurveda and eco-friendly packaging.

All-in-one tooth tabs are powered by an all-round formula with effective herbs taken from Ayurveda to tackle all dental-related problems. Ingredients like Triphala, Trikatu, Babool, Neem, Haldi, Mango leaf, and rock salt help maintain good oral hygiene by deep cleaning teeth, strengthening gums, tackling sensitivity, and keeping breath fresh.

Immediate effect you would notice after using all-in-one tooth tabs
Clean teeth and fresh breath
Pleasing taste and no burning sensation
Less sugar in the morning beverage
No toxic start for the day

We believe in transparency, which is why we declare all our ingredients and their quantities used in our product. Check out our list of ingredients and their quantities used on our product page here.

Allow us to help you come closer to your sustainability goals and start your day with clean ingredients.

Because we care.

We are,
Toothfully yours

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