Is toothpaste allowed in flight?

Is toothpaste allowed on airplanes?

Can I pack toothpaste with me in my cabin baggage for a flight? A simple answer is yes, toothpaste is allowed on airplanes, but within the quantity of 100 ml in your cabin bag. As in general, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions are also allowed under 100 ml, and toothpastes also fall under the liquid or semi-liquid category.

For larger quantities, one can always pack a larger-sized liquid product like toothpaste and keep it in their check-in luggage, which goes inside the airplane’s cargo area.

For international travel, it is suggested by airlines to pack toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner in transparent plastic pouches or jars for their convenience of checking. By following these simple tricks, you can travel safely without any hassle.

An alternative to sticky and messy toothpaste for travel?

Toothpaste tablets are a great alternative for a more travel-friendly experience. Our All in One Tooth Tabs are made with 15 Ayurvedic herbs and minerals and are easy to carry and super simple to use. 

How do I use toothpaste tablets? 

Simple!! Pop it. Crush it. And brush it, as usual. 

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A quick tip for international travellers:

In case of a lost passport on international soil, do not panic; these are steps to overcome the situation.

1. Immediately head to the nearest police station in the city you are touring.

2. File a complaint about a missing passport.

    2.1 This will allow local police to provide you with a document that will be a proxy for your passport and help you fly back to your country.

3. Always keep soft copies of your passport for reference. 

Have a great trip ahead.

Safe travels. :) 

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